Warheadz Background

Warheadz Is The First-Ever NFT Project Supported By An NGO. Our Mission Is To Raise Awareness And Support To Military Personnel & Their Families Through Web3. We’ll Be Creating A Metaverse Alongside Our Partners And Our Community To Bring A New Perspective To The Heroes That Fight For Our Peace. Our Goal Is To Transform History Education With Interactive Technology And Gamification To Ensure These Impactful Stories Will Never Be Forgotten.

Each Of Our Warheadz NFT Is Carefully Designed With The Most Advanced 3D Modeling To Showcase Iconic Characters From WW2 With Realism And Authenticity. They Will Also Be Used Within Our Warheadz Metaverse. Warheadz Is A Proud Supporting Partner Of The USO.


The WarHeadz Benefits & Utilities

  • Playable 3D Character In Warheadz Metaverse.
  • Ability To Earn Our Utility-Based Token
  • Access To Our Warheadz Club For Discounted Goods From Veteran-Owned Businesses
  • Exclusive Invitation To Real Life Events Organized By Warheadz & partners.
  • And Much More…

iconic Characters

  • Gurkha

    The Ghurkas are an elite battalion from Nepal known for their loyalty, and jungle warfare. 40 Ghurka battalions fought in WW2, mainly in Europe, the Far East and North Africa.

  • FDR

    Being the 32nd president of the US, FDR led the US through the 2nd World War. He is also known to be the longest serving president in the history of the US.

  • British commando

    Requested by Winston Churchill in 1940, its main task was to perform raids on German troops. Some of the most prominent raids took place in Norway and France.

  • Mussolini

    Benito Mussolini was an Italian dictator who served from 1925 to 1945. He is known for his ally with Nazi Germany, and to be one of the founding fathers of the facist movement.

  • Smersh

    Meaning “death to spies”, the Smersh were the counterintelligence organization started by Joseph Stalin to mainly counter infiltrations in the Red Army by foreign enemies.


Stage 1

NFT Collection Release With USO Partnership

To release a collection of 10,000 unique soldiers,and iconic figures on the Ethereum blockchain with an ERC-721 contract. EachNFT will also receive a playable 3D character that will be used inside our Warheadz Metaverse.

Stage 2

Distribution of our Tokens

Each NFT will be able to generate and earn our utility-based token that will be released after launch. The token will be used for purchases inside our Warheadz Metaverse to enhance your experience and unlock secret features. It will also be used to purchase physical goods from veteran-owned businesses later on in our Warheadz club. Tokenomics and whitepaper will be released prior to the release of our token.

Stage 3

Development Of The Warheadz Metaverse

Warheadz metaverse is a metaverse that combines history education and interactive skills training that are taught in military schools. You’ll also experience the most historic scenes from history while ranking up in the military ranks through various interactive training.

Stage 4

Inauguration of Warheadz Club

The grand opening of our Warheadz Club where you will have the ability to purchase physical products at a discount from veteran-owned businesses.

Stage 5

Real-Life Warheadz Events

Invitation to real-life events organized by both WarHeadz and our partners. Meet with war veterans, active soldiers and history enthusiasts to show and tell stories of their experiences.

Stage 6

Transforming History Education

Our goal is to make history entertaining and never be forgotten by the younger generation. With the creation of our Warheadz metaverse, we will be granting access to schools and teachers to utilize our technology in their history classes to continuously share the impactful stories and important history events that should never be forgotten.


Where can I buy Warheadz?
You can mint Warheadz NFT directly from our website on launch day.
Your NFT will be in your metamask wallet as well as your Opensea account after minting.
Warheadz will be donating directly to USO as well as other foundations. With the help of our partners & community, Warheadz will be hosting events, interviews, and much more to directly make an impact on the service members community.
We will have 5 armies, 8 special forces units, and 12 individual iconic characters. Each 3D NFT avatar will be unique and is ready to enter the soon to be constructed metaverse.
The Warheadz metaverse will be a diverse space with aspects such as education, immersive experiences, intriguing trials, and so much more. The construction has been ongoing and will continue to be in close cooperation with our community.
We will confirm the mint cost closer to the mint date.